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about ozpost
Tired of digging holes and then filling them in again?
Revolutionary oz-post instant post-holes are the Answer!
For Domestic or Commercial Use.

Foundations for street furniture, underground service markers, all kinds of fencing, signposts, marker posts, parking meters, rubbish bins, home gardens, parks, clothes lines, farm stockyards, farm end assemblies, and dozens of other uses.

OZ-POST is the original and unique time and labour saving system for one person to erect a permanent or temporary post in a few minutes.

OZ-POST supports are simply driven into the ground with either a jackhammer or by hand there being no digging or concreting required for their installation.

For their many applications they are fully retrievable and re-useable thereby eliminating capital wastage. What's more, upon removal they leave no hole!

OZ-POSTS are impact tested and rated for wind resistance and almost one million are currently in service throughout Australia.

No Rotten Digging, No Rotten Concrete, No Rotten Posts