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frequently asked questions
So What Is An Oz-Post ? What types are there?
How Do They Work ? What lengths do they come in?
What can I use them for? What do I need to install them?
Why should I use them? How is the post fixed in the sleeve?
How do they save me money? If I need to, how do I get them out?
How strong are they? Great! Where do I get them ?
So What Is An Oz-Post ?
  • If you're tired of digging post holes and then filling them in again Oz-Post is the answer!
  • Oz-Post is asimple post hole you can create without having to dig!
  • One person installation takes only afew minutes.
  • No digging or concreting required ! Retrievable and re-usable!
  • And they don't leave a hole !
  • Over 750,000 units installed across australia!
  • Shorter length posts required
  • Wooden posts don't rot
  • Do-it-yourself Oz-Post supports save time, labour and money.

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How Do They Work ?
  1. The Oz-post is a four-finned, harpoon-like spear manufactured from 3mm hot dipped galvanised high grade steel which is simply driven into the ground.
  2. Your wooden or steel post is then slipped into a sleeve at the top of the spear and appropriately fixed there. It's As Simple As That!
  3. Point: This is shaped like a masonry chisel which assists in penetrating light stone.
  4. Body: a tapered or straight-sided, four-finned spike giving great lateral strength and stability.
  5. When digging holes the soil structure is disturbed but with oz-post there is no disturbance other than a mild compaction.
  6. Because of the large surface area of the fins there is maximum contact with the surrounding soil giving excellent grip.
  7. During the driving process the fins also give directional stability so that in most cases once they are inserted approximately half way they remain correctly levelled and aligned.
  8. Once the driving process is completed the fins give the oz-post their necessary load bearing strength which makes them ideal for supporting all kinds of structures. they have the ability to withstand loads both diagonally and horizontally.
  9. Sleeves: these are pre-drilled for ease of post fixing and designed to suit various types of wooden and steel posts. they allow water to escape from around wooden posts preventing rot.
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What can I use them for?
Domestic and light industrial posts of all kinds they can be installed with the post sleeve in or out of the ground.
Why should I use them?
  1. Oz-posts are environmentally friendly removable and reusable.
  2. Oz-posts on extraction leave a tiny cross-shaped hole that quickly disappears as the soil closes in naturally.
  3. Compare this with the man made boulder that is created when concrete is installed in the ground and the resultant labour required to remove or replace it if the structure requires relocation or becomes redundant.
  4. As there is no longer any need to bury your posts, wooden and steel structures may be of shorter length thereby saving valuable resources.
  5. No environmental impact on insertion or removal and there is no rot caused by soil and moisture - your wooden posts are protected.
How do they save me money?
Economies with OZPOST Saving
No digging 15-30 minutes of labour the average time to install a post is 2-3 minutes for 1 man, money and time (often 2 men required)
No concrete (or mixing & pouring time) Money and time
Shorter posts (up to 600mm less per post) Money per post
No waiting time Time and money
No spoil Removal time and aesthetics
No clean-up Time and aesthetics
Less travelling Time and money
Less equipment Replacement costs
Oz-posts are fully retrievable and reuseable  
No hole to fill in after removal.  
Wooden posts don't rot  
How strong are they?
Oz-posts are manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards, are impact tested and rated for horizontal loads.
See our Engineering Specifications Page.
What types are there?
Please go to the pdf of the OZPOST CATALOGUE to see types manufactured.
Ozpost make supports 'to order' for your special requirements. Contact us for a quote.
What lengths do they come in?
  1. 250mm long - Temporary installations in hard ground or hot-mix pavement
  2. 450mm long - Extremely hard, well compacted situations or for temporary applications in moderate soils.
  3. 600mm long - Medium to hard reactive soils
  4. 750mm long - Soft to medium reactive soils.
    And we can make them longer if you need it!
What do I need to install them?

Insertion may be achieved by either of two simple methods:

  1. For domestic use 1 x level 1 x sledgehammer & oz-post insert tool
  2. For professional use 1 x level 1 x any standard jackhammer ( air, electric, petrol, etc..)
    - One oz-post jackhammer adaptor regular use of a level is necessary to maintain vertical alignment during the driving process.
    n.b. We can manufacture an adaptor to suit any jackhammer.
Compare the equipment
Oz-post system Mixing and pouring concrete
Oz-post Cement mixer
Jackhammer or sledgehammer Shovel
Tinsert tool and level Level, wheelbarrow, bucket, hose, water, cement, gravel & sand
Total time: 2 minutes Total time: 30 minutes

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How is the post fixed in the sleeve?
  • For steel posts oz-post ts65 wedges
  • The sleeve housings are pre-drilled to facilitate the use of :
    1. self-drilling tek screws - (14 gauge coarse thread)
    2. 1/4" bolts
    3. 1/4" pop rivets;
    4. or spot welding
    5. for wooden posts galvanized clouts other nails (eg nail gun) screws
  • If you need more details, please go to Installation & Extraction
If I need to, how do I get them out?
Introducing OZ-POST'S Extractor

Allows quick removal of oz-posts with ease and safety.

  1. Our especially designed extractor makes light work of removing oz-posts from even the toughest ground conditions.
  2. For soft places, a gooseneck crowbar will do the job.
  3. Once removed, they are ready to use again and there is no hole to fill in!
  4. Removes all oz-posts whether the sleeve is out of the ground or fully submerged !
  5. The simple construction allows assembly for use and dismantling for transport in seconds!
    • you will still need a crowbar to remove the ts65 fixing wedges
  6. See Installation & Extraction for more details, or for a demo - go to Oz-post Demonstrations!
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Great, where do i get them?
  1. To check them out, download the TYPES OF OZ-POST pdf.
  2. And to talk or email the representative closest to you, go to the CONTACTS page