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installation & extraction
Oz-Post Installation Procedure
Step One

Lie the jackhammer on the ground with the driving mandril pointing towards the installation point and approximately the length of your Oz-post support distant from it.

Watch the demonstration - Oz-post super fast installation (6MB)

step two
Fit the Oz-post onto the driving mandril and locate the tip of the Oz-post over the insertion point.
step three
Raise the entire assembly to vertical using the Oz-post as a pivot.
step four
Drive the Oz-post into the ground a short distance until it supports the Jackhammer (usually 100mm or so is sufficient).
step five
Check for level on two sides at 90 degrees with a small level and adjust for vertical as required using the Jackhammer for leverage. Adjustments to level are best done whilst driving.
step six
Drive the Oz-post in a further 50-100mm and recheck for level.
step seven
Continue this driving and levelling process until satisfied that the support is staying properly aligned. With signpost supports this is usually achieved at a little over halfway through the driving process.
step eight
Finish the driving process when the base of the housing is at ground level OR if so desired the housing may be completely submerged.

In the case of signpost supports it is rarely necessary to remove any topsoil prior to driving as the Jackhammer quite easily compacts the surface material. However, with larger series e.g. 100mm x 100mm sleeves it may be necessary to remove a spadeful of surface material before commencing the installation.


Once past the halfway mark it becomes increasingly difficult to change the alignment. It is much better to spend a little extra time and care using the level in the initial stages of driving to ensure the desired result than to have to remove the support from the ground with the Ozpost Extractor and start again.

Sometimes an underground obstruction may cause the support to "drift" off-line. In this instance it is better to stop the driving process, remove the support, select a slightly different site and start again.

You will need:2 TS65 Oz-post fixing wedges.
The OZ-POST is normally installed so that the base of the sleeve is at ground level. However, the sleeve may be fully submerged if so desired and secured using two TS65 wedges, in opposition, one in each "ear". Needless to say any recommended fixing method may be altered by the user to suit their particular requirements.(e.g.1/4" galvanised bolts, spot welding or self drilling screws.)
OZ-POST'S Extractor
Allows quick removal of oz-posts with ease and safety:
  1. Removes all Oz-Posts whether the sleeve is out of the ground or fully submerged !
  2. The simple construction allows assembly for use and dismantling for transport in seconds
  3. Watch the demonstration - Oz-post removal with Extractor (1MB)