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Asset & Utility Marker Post systems

Oz-Post supply custom asset & utility marker post systems to suit any project requirement.

Oz-Post design and manufacture the complete marker post system including post anchors, posts, warning signs, plates, brackets and accessories.

All Oz-Post products are long-lasting, competitively priced and can be customised to your specification.

For over twenty years we have worked with local, national and multi-national corporations and are a leader in the manufacture and supply of marker post systems for gas, telco and roads around Australia. 

Contact our team on (02) 4033 6500 for a custom quote.a

Custom asset & utility markers

For a customised quotation & expert advice please contact our client service team on (02) 4033 6500.

Asset & Utility Marker Posts Systems

All marker post solutions are supplied with an Oz-Post ground anchor, galvanised post, end cap, warning sign plate and TD1 brackets for a complete solution.

Aerial Markers

Oz-Post supply aerial marker posts made to your specifications, and have custom made aerials available on request.

Telecommunication Markers

We supply complete telecommunications marker post units including, powder coating or galvanising of the post, Oz-Post anchor, powder-coated extrusions, sign plates and signs. All design and colour specs are customisable. Oz-Post supply all Telstra & Optus marker posts throughout Australia.


We supply warning signs with stickers and labels as required. All signs are covered by the 3M extended warranty giving a minimum lifespan of up to twelve years for class 1 delineation and seven years for class 2. We can manufacture any sign you may need. 


Posts are available in any length, size or thickness. Posts can be galvanised, powder-coated, or hot-dipped galvanised if welding is required. 

Oz-Post Anchors

Used for easy installation of marker posts, The Oz-Post is available in various lengths and shapes to suit the ground conditions for easy installation. No digging is required and no concrete is needed saving time and money.


We supply the complete marker post system and all fittings, including brackets, tek screws, jackhammer tools, nuts, bolts, stickers and labels. Anything else that is required to complete the job.


Oz-Post offer post-installation services for your project. With twenty years of experience in installing the posts, we have the necessary tools to complete the job on time.