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How does Oz-post® work?



The Oz-Post is fully extractable and reusable and are ideal for both temporary and permanent structures. On extraction, the Oz-Post leaves a small cross-shaped hole which disappears as the soil closes naturally.

It is crucial that the length and fin shape be suited to the ground conditions. The correct length and design of spike ensures that the anchor and post and installed securely.

Local Councils currently using Oz-Post® Anchors.
  • Brisbane City Council
  • Moreton Bay Regional Council
  • Logan Council
  • Redlands Council
  • Maroochydore Council
  • Beaudesert Council
  • Nanango Council Dept and many more.

For more information and help finding out which Oz-Post is right for your situation, or to get a customised quote, please contact our sales team by email sales@ozpost.com.au or phone on 02 4033 6500.