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Oz-Post Joins Delnorth in the Hunter

Oz-Post® has moved to the hunter region with our head office now located at 63 Bonville Ave Thornton NSW. With warehouses and manufacturing hubs now located in NSW, QLD and WA, Oz-Post® continues to give clients quick and easy access to our innovative suite of ground anchors and marker posts across Australia and globally.

Notice to existing customers:

Effective from 8 June 2019, Oz Post Manufacturing (“Oz Post”) became a division of Delnorth Pty Ltd (“Delnorth”). 

Established in 1992, Delnorth is a leading Australian manufacturer and distributor of infrastructure products, including road edge guideposts and delineators, utility asset marker products, Signfix® frangible signposts and fixtures, flexible lane dividers and impact recovery sign products. The acquisition of Oz Post adds to our product range for utilities, council works departments and civil contractors. 

Oz Post ground spike and asset marker post products will now be distributed by Delnorth Pty Ltd therefore your organisation may need to update its supplier details. Purchase orders for those specific products issued to Langford Metal Industries, Enviropost and Oz One Agencies (the former distributors of Oz Post) immediately preceding the change of ownership may also be fulfilled by Delnorth. 

As a valued customer, we wish to assure you that it is business as usual at Oz Post. Delnorth will continue to provide the high standard of products and services that you have come to expect. 

Your Oz Post head office contacts moving forward are: 

General product, freight & sales information 

Address: 63 Bonville Avenue, Thornton, NSW 2322 

Phone: 02 4033 6500 

Email: sales@delnorth.com 

Account enquiries:

Phone: 02 4033 6500

Fax: 02 4033 6599

Email: accounts@delnorth.com