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What are Oz-Post ground anchors?

Oz-Post ground anchors are pre-fabricated galvanized steel bases designed to permanently support posts without needing to dig holes and concrete foundations. Oz-Posts are foundations used in signpost, marker post, street furniture, underground service marker, fencing, domestic and farm stockyard applications.

Why use Oz-Post?

The original system for saving time and labour when installing permanent and temporary posts. Oz-Post will save you time and money. Across all applications posts are fully recyclable, retrievable and re-useable eliminating wastage. Easily removed, an Oz-Post will not leave a hole. Oz-Posts have been impact tested, rated for horizontal loads and wind resistance and are manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards. Oz-Post is the perfect alternative to time consuming post  installation methods and have fin types to suit any soil type.

How are they installed?

An Oz-Post support is simply driven into the ground with a jackhammer or manually with no digging or concreting required. Simply drive into the ground, insert the post and fix with Oz-Post fixing wedges.

Which Oz-Post should I use?

Oz-Posts are available in many different shapes and sizes to suit any application. View our chart below to find the perfect fit, or contact our sales team for customised assistance sales@ozpost.com.au.

Available in multiple lengths, housing and fin types with standard sizes and lengths to suit any application.

fin housing

Oz-Post has housing to suit any application. The standard cup dimensions are manufactured to suit round, square and rectangular posts. The standard sizes are indicated below in millimetres. Custom made sizes are also available on request. Our WA and SA series have been made for South Australian and Western Australian profiles.


Oz-Post pickets are available in various lengths to suit most ground conditions. For more information on the ideal application of each of the Oz-Post lengths, please view our table below.


Perfect for bitumen or road base. The 250mm picket is commonly used on roundabouts for hazard and keep left signs.

350mm & 450mm 

The mid range sizes suits extremely hard or well compacted areas such as roadside shoulders, asphalt or sandstone.


Our longer 600mm pickets are ideal in areas with highly compacted soil, hard clay or natural earth conditions.


The longest Oz-Post spike length is perfect for more reactive soil types such as black soil.


With fifteen different types of Oz-Post, there is an Oz-Post for every possible situation, with tapered and straight edged fins along with our range of custom sizes to suit. Contact one of our Oz-Post experts to find the ideal Oz-Post for your project.



Serviceable Industries

  • No digging holes
  • No mixing concrete
  • No waiting time
  • No clean up
  • No soil removal
  • No downtime
  • Shorter post installation time
  • Sign posts
  • Marker post
  • Fencing
  • Street furniture
  • Mail boxes
  • Parking meters
  • Bollards
  • Retaining walls
  • Decking
  • Council works departments
  • State roads
  • Civil construction
  • Residential
  • Fencing
  • Pipeline contractors
  • Mining
  • Railway
  • Farming
  • Parks and gardens
  • Sign companies
  • Real estate

For a customised quote or to find out more, please contact our team on 02 4033 6500. 

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